Restoration and Change of use

Restoration and Change of Use of a Building of Special Local Importance

'The Crafty Lion' Church Street, Stoke on Trent

This scheme involves the restoration of the high street façade and other architectural features, the retention of the ground floor as a hospitality venue and the change of use of the rear and upper floors to create 19 residential units. This highly decorated, three storey building dates from the end of the 19th century.
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Self Build homes Cheshire
The first phase of work that we are undertaking involves the improvement of the heritage asset of this building of local importance by restoring the frontage of the structure. This includes the removal of foliage, general repairs and repointing of the brickwork as well as the removal of failed painted on coatings to numerous terracotta window surrounds, cornices and copings.

A combination of specialised cleaning techniques, including both DOFF (high temperature steam clean) and JOS-TORC (low air pressure with a mix of fine inert powder and water) were required to complete these sensitive restoration works.
Self Build homes Cheshire

In addition, the restoration of the damaged feature ‘Lions’, which have historical links to the original occupation by ‘Lion’s Furniture Store’, were clearly a significant consideration both in terms of restoration and heritage.

The ‘Lions’ are made from salt glazed terracotta which has posed quite a challenge in terms of the required repairs; some of the damage is so significant that a sculptor has been appointed to construct a ‘cast’ from which replacements can be crafted and fired. This work will be completed within the next 3 to 4 months.

Self build homes Cheshire
Self build homes Cheshire
Self build homes Cheshire

Following completion of the restoration works, the next phase of the scheme to deliver the residential units will commence in September this year.

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