Self Build Homes Cheshire – Fields Farm

Advancing internal fit out stage

This Self Build Home in Cheshire is advancing to the internal fit out stage with the commencement of both the mechanical and electrical first fix installations. Our client is not only committed to live in a home that is beautiful and spacious as indeed this traditional oak framed structure is, but one that is better built, greener and less costly to run.
self build homes Cheshire  Brada Uk
Self Build homes Cheshire

Having a south facing roof has enabled the installation of Solar Photovoltaic panels that transform free energy from the sun into electricity that can be converted to make it suitable for household use.

Another low carbon, renewable heat source being installed in this new home is an air source heat pump. The air to water heat pump takes heat from the outside air and feeds it into the wet central heating system which in this case is through an under-floor heating installation. Whilst not zero carbon due to the need for electricity to run the pump, the potential to generate electricity from the solar panels will undoubtedly improve this overall position.

A final ingredient to this energy efficient home is the installation of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, commonly referred to as MVHR. This system provides fresh filtered air throughout whilst retaining most of the energy that has been used in heating the home; it simply extracts air from polluted sources in rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and utilities, through a central heat exchanger where heat is recovered into the supply air taken to living rooms, bedrooms and studies etc.

Throughout, high levels of fabric insulation and robustness in construction to provide an airtight envelop are fundamental to achieving the overall principle of a low carbon, efficient and ‘green’ home, that was the vision of our client. Visual inspections are being made at key stages in the construction process to ensure best possible practice and a preliminary air test is planned prior to ‘covering up’ the first fix installations to identify any issues at a time when it would be comparatively easy to rectify.

Fields Farm
Self build homes Cheshire
Self build homes Cheshire
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