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New Proposals Could Transform the Self Build Sector

New proposals could transform the Self Build Sector. In April 2021, the Prime Minister commissioned South Norfolk MP and self-build advocate Richard Bacon, to look into how the sector could be upscaled to help solve the country’s chronic housing shortage and scale up the delivery of self-build homes.

There is a “missing market” for self-build homes in the UK, but new recommendations could make up to 40,000 extra homes available each year, MP Richard Bacon has said.

Self Build Homes - Avalon
Lilac House, Cheshire
Self Build Homes - Lilac House
Avalon, Staffordshire

The 114-page report has now been published and makes six recommendations for scaling up the self-build sector, which would make it easier for people to build their own home.

Mr Bacon says more homes are needed but “quite simply, new housing is feared”, and stresses that the solution involves creating the conditions in which homebuilders are “treated as if they matter the most”.

The Bacon Review is a core element of the government’s Custom and Self Build Action Plan, which aims to kick-start a self-build revolution in the UK.

Action Plan

He suggests that the UK has a broken housing market, which is a “problem that won’t sort itself”. He draws on the benefits of self-build, which include building greener homes which are better constructed and more robust and advocates a new system that puts the customer at the heart of the new homes market.

The review references international models for self-build and explains how the UK could replicate the best of their successes. Mr Bacon’s six recommendations can all be implemented at speed and if implemented in full, have the potential to deliver up to 40,000 self-build homes a year.

Self Build Homes - Spode House

Spode House, Staffordshire

Self Build Homes - Lilac House
Lilac House, Cheshire

This should hopefully come as welcome news for those looking to build their own homes but haven’t the opportunity due to lack of plots, or the means due to lack of finance.

Read the full report to explore Richard Bacon’s recommendations in full and how this could shape the UK housing market.

Richard Bacon Review